Workshop schedule: ‘Anthropics, selection-effects, and fine-tuning in cosomogy’


5th December 9.30-6.00 St Anne’s College, Oxford

9.30-9.50 am Joe Silk Introduction
9.50-10.40 George Ellis The relation between Big Questions and technical questions in dealing with Anthropics in cosmology: data, questions, issues, and types of argument
10.40-11.30 Jesus Mosterin Logical check-up of the anthropic, multiversal and fine-tuning arguments in cosmology
11.30-11.50pm Coffee break
11.50-12.40 Andrew Liddle The inflationary Universe
12.40-13.10 David Sloan             Boltzmann brains
13.10-14.30  Lunch
14.30-15.20 Fay Dowker A Historical Perspective on `Fine-Tuning’: Suggestions from Causal Set Cosmology
15.20-16.10 John Peacock Un-natural Aspects of Standard Cosmology
16.10-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-17.20 Bernard Carr Fine-Tunings,  Meta-Cosmology and the Limits of Science
17.20-18.00 Round table