• DPhil in Philosophy >
    Candidates enter the DPhil only on completing a masters degree in philosophy or philosophy of physics.
  • Physics DPhil >
    Four years duration. This is
    the only postgraduate degree
    in Physics at Oxford University

  • MSt in Philosophy
    of Physics >

    A 1-year course mainly intended
    for physicists wishing to study philosophy of physics.
  • BPhil in Philosophy
    of Physics >

    Two years duration. The second
    year involves a research thesis.
    The first can be structured much like the MSt in Philosophy of Physics;
    it is similarly open to physicists.
  • Undergraduate degree in Physics & Philosophy >
    Four years duration, the first three
    on theoretical physics, metaphysics, and philosophy of science, with
    a course each year in philosophy
    of physics.
  • Undergraduate degree
    in Physics >

    Three years duration, leading to the BA, or four-years duration, including a research project, leading to the MPhys.

Philosophy of physics is explored at Oxford by studies both in physics and in philosophy, but in all cases as informed by physics; a strong background in physics is a pre-requisite to the study of philosophy of physics at Oxford. Equally, in all cases, physics is studied in tandem with philosophy, at every stage of undergraduate and graduate teaching and research.