Cosmology Seminars HT 2016

All seminars are in the BIPAC room, Denys Wilkinson Building, at 2.15.

For updates see the Physics Department seminar lists

Abstracts are posted weekly.

18 Feb Fillipo Vernizzi (CEA Saclay), “Cosmological consistency relations’

25 FebEmir Gumrukcouglu (Imperial College): ‘Horava gravity: suppressing Lorentz violations in the matter sector’

3 Mar Donnacha Kirk (UCL) ‘Cosmology from cross-correlations using the Dark Energy Survey’

10 Mar Michael Brown (Manchester), ‘Radio weak lensing with the Square Kilometre Array’

20 AprAnna Mangilli (IAS) ‘Constraints on the reionization era and inflation with the CMB polarization at large angular scales’