Cosmology seminars MT 2015

All seminars are in the BIPAC room, Denys Wilkinson Building, at 2.15, except in week 5 (Fri 13th), which is at 1.00 in the Fisher Room.

For updates see the Physics Department seminar lists

Abstracts are posted weekly.

08/10: Giulio Fabbian (SISSA)
15/10: Jens Chluba (Cambridge)
29/10: Mark Lovell (UVA)
05/11: Stefano Camera (Manchester)
13/11: Shaun Hotchkiss (Sussex) Note: this seminar is at 1.00 p.m. in the Fisher Room
19/11: Garrett Goon (DAMTP)
26/11: Zac Kenton (QMUL)
03/12: Simone Aiola (Pitt)